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Tiger Mother's Son - Steve Sailer

A year ago, after a decade of worsening pain from swinging hard since infancy, Tiger Woods, perhaps the highest-paid athlete in history, appeared headed for the same fate as Philip Seymour Hoffman, Prince, and Tom Petty. But this spring Woods is grinding away again on tour, playing surprisingly respectable golf.
Now 42, he may never win again. Or, who knows, Woods may put on a late charge toward the only records he doesn’t hold: Sam Snead’s 82 PGA wins (Woods has 79), Jack Nicklaus’ eighteen major championships (Woods has been stuck at fourteen since he memorably limped to the 2008 U.S. Open title), and his tennis peer Roger Federer’s twenty Grand Slam titles.
With the U.S. Open coming up in June at Shinnecock Hills in the Hamptons, it’s worth reviewing the new tell-all biography Tiger Woods by Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian. Like his mentor Michael Jordan, Tiger benefited from advancements in the techniques of access journalism for controlling his media image, until it all fell apart in the sex scandal of 2009. So it’s informative to compare what Benedict and Keteyian say actually happened with what you had been told by the press at the time.
Woods being part black via his blowhard father was usually thought of as the most important element of his story, an angle assiduously pushed by Earl Woods. The elder Woods told a sports agent when Tiger was a 5-year-old sensation, “I believe that the first black man who’s a really good golfer is going to make a hell of a lot of money.”
But this exhaustive book doesn’t come up with much evidence for the pre-disgrace assumption that Tiger’s black side was key. For example, his father liked to tell the story of how as a kindergartener, Tiger was nearly lynched by racist 5-year-olds. But the authors can’t find a shred of proof for Earl’s oft-told tale. It appears to be just another Hate Hoax.
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“Prepare for guerrilla war” say police special forces as the authority of the state crumbles in France

The local people interviewed about this incident afterwards said it was nothing special; things like that happen almost every day. Some of the footage showed them just walking around normally as the shooting went on.
Here, in a separate incident in another part of Marseille, we see a police car completely surrounded by moped-riding “jeunes” [young people]. They are intimidating the police.

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Dutch Schoolgirls Sex Trafficked by the Thousands by Moslems? Imagine Moy Shawk. By Andrew Anglin

White women may no longer make good wives and mothers. But they do make good sex slaves for entrepreneurial Islamic New Dutchmen.

You see, the thing about this is…
The thing that you really need to understand is…
If we talk about the fact that Moslems are sex trafficking underage white girls by the thousands, give it too much media attention, it will make people racist against Moslems because it will make them think that Moslems are sex trafficking underage white girls by the thousands.
And you know what the real problem here is, don’t you?
It’s education.

If I wouldn’t have had my 9th grade 3 times weekly class on why it is bad to sex traffic underage girls, I have no doubt that I myself would be running a sex trafficking gang, giving drugs to little girls, then gang-raping them, then pimping them out while keeping them drugged-up and threatening to kill them if they told anyone what was going on.
In Moslem countries, they don’t have these classes because of the Crusades and colonialism destroying their education systems.
So what do you expect is going to happen?

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The Psychology of Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Fail

Year after year, thousands of people all over the world have the same experience.
High levels of motivation in January, followed by a temporary change in behaviour, soon followed by a drop-in motivation and then a reversion back to old habits. (With some added self-loathing now thrown into the mix.)
Indeed, a 2016 study found that over 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by the second week in February, and recent psychological research indicates that motivation is only effective for short term behaviour change, and if we want to make changes that last, a different approach is required.
So, if a lack of motivation isn’t behind the high failure rate, what is?
In this post, we’ll explore the underlying psychology of why most resolutions fail, then introduce a potential solution to the problem – one based on our evolutionary past, which if properly understood, can empower you to make long term behaviour changes, in a sustainable way.
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'The New York Times' Runs A Comprehensive Hit Piece On Jordan Peterson. It's Dishonest, Malicious Crap.

 Jordan Peterson during his lecture at UofT. Peterson is the professor at the centre of a media storm because of his public declaration that he will not use pronouns, such as 'they,' to recognize non-binary genders.
On Friday, The New York Times released a 3,400-word, spectacularly brutal and dishonest hit piece on Jordan Peterson. Its none-too-subtle title: "Jordan Peterson: Custodian Of The Patriarchy."
The author, Nellie Bowles, can’t hold back her obvious antipathy for her subject; instead, she lets her sneering condescension drop from every comma. She never lets Peterson spell out an argument; she satisfies her id with every snide aside. It’s an extraordinary performance by a person deliberately attempting to misunderstand her subject.

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Former WH Spox: Obama Knew About #Spygate – No FBI Director Would Put Spies Inside of a Campaign Without President’s AUTHORIZATION

Former WH Spox: Obama Knew About #Spygate – No FBI Director Would Put Spies Inside of a Campaign Without President’s AUTHORIZATION

Obama knew; the fish rots from the head down.

Obama knew about the spies planted into Trump’s campaign.
Obama knew about Hillary’s phony dossier.

Former White House Press Secretary for George W. Bush, Ari Fleischer broke down why Obama must have known about the informants spies planted in Trump’s campaign.
In fact, Ari Fleischer says Obama AUTHORIZED it.

Black hostility is the new cure for relentless white racism in Birmingham.

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Another lousy article on epigenetics, this time in the New York Review of Books

I don’t know who the New York Review of Books is getting to vet its biology articles, but this one below (free access) is really confusing. One reason may be that the authors have no particular expertise in evolution. Israel Rosenfeld is an MD with training in neuroscience, whileEdward Ziff is a professor at NYU who works on neural transmission. I’ve never heard of either of them, which doesn’t rule them out as being able to say anything useful about evolution, but I usually am familiar with people who write about evolution for the NYRB, and they always had a name in evolutionary biology (viz., my student Allen Orr).  Anyway, here’s the article (click on screenshot to see it).
The problem with this article is that it’s deeply confused, conflating gene regulation within the lifetime of an individual (which can be achieved by “epigenetically” attaching or detaching methyl groups to genes to turn them on or off) with environmentally induced modification of the DNA that is inherited over several generations, causing a form of “non-Darwinian” evolution.
The former is not problematic; we’ve long known that genes can be regulated by environmental factors; that’s what Jacob and Monod got their Nobel Prizes for. We’ve learned more recently that this regulation can also be programmed to cause methylation: genes are adaptively activated and deactivated by the attachment of methyl groups (or small RNA molecules) to segments of genes. But even that adaptive regulation is coded for by DNA. That is, there are genes which are programmed to turn other genes on or off by adding small molecules to them. That’s the way cells differentiated so that even though all cells have the DNA, some become liver cells, others brain cells or blood cells, and so on. That is permanent changes in gene regulation occurring largely by methylation, and over generations of cells, but not over generations of individuals. Such differentiation within an individual still evolved in a Darwinian way, it’s just that natural selection favored particular ways to adaptively activate or inactivate genes.
However, a vocal group of biologists maintain that evolution can also occur when the environment rather than DNA (extrinsic factors like cold or starvation) can methylate genes too, and that methylation can be inherited. The problem with this, as I’ve emphasized repeatedly, is twofold. First those environmental changes are nearly always nonadaptive or maladaptive—they’re more like random screwups—and so can’t be the basis of adaptive evolution.
Second, environmentally induced changes in DNA are nearly always wiped out during gamete formation, and so those changes cannot be the basis of long-term evolution or adaptation. There are a few exceptions, but I don’t know of any such modifications that can longer than three generations. The fact that this form of “Lamarckian” inheritance isn’t pervasive is also shown by the numerous adaptations that have been dissected genetically: all of them are based on changes in the DNA sequence rather than attachment of methyl groups induced by the environment.
Rosenfield and Ziff conflate the programmed regulation of genes by other genes that induce methylation with the “Lamarckian” changes in DNA sequence. That’s clear when they say stuff like this:
Until the mid-1970s, no one suspected that the way in which the DNA was “read” could be altered by environmental factors, or that the nervous systems of people who grew up in stress-free environments would develop differently from those of people who did not. One’s development, it was thought, was guided only by one’s genetic makeup. As a result of epigenesis, a child deprived of nourishment may continue to crave and consume large amounts of food as an adult, even when he or she is being properly nourished, leading to obesity and diabetes. A child who loses a parent or is neglected or abused may have a genetic basis for experiencing anxiety and depression and possibly schizophrenia. Formerly, it had been widely believed that Darwinian evolutionary mechanisms—variation and natural selection—were the only means for introducing such long-lasting changes in brain function, a process that took place over generations. We now know that epigenetic mechanisms can do so as well, within the lifetime of a single person.
This is deeply confusing, for it conflates gene regulation within an individual with evolutionary changes that evolve over many generations. In fact, the epigenetic regulation mentioned by Rosenfield and Ziff did evolve over generations by natural selection. They are saying that two things are distinct and contradictory when in fact they are the same thing. It’s no surprise that this article (which is largely written in technical jargon) would confuse the layperson.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Lawyer apologizes for falsely accusing trooper of rape (Mulatto Negress lied about being raped by white state trooper and so many SJW-types swallowed the BS)

 - An attorney is apologizing for spreading allegations that a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper sexually assaulted a woman during a traffic stop and arrest in North Texas. The apology came hours after DPS released two hours of the trooper’s body camera video.
Around 1:30 a.m. Sunday, a state trooper pulled over 37-year-old Sherita Dixon-Cole on suspicion of drunk driving. She told the trooper she was coming from Downtown Dallas and was heading to her fiancé’s house in Waxahachie. She claimed she only had one drink.
During a field sobriety test, the trooper poured out two bottles of alcohol he found in her back seat. He places her under arrest and asked her to sit in the front seat of his patrol vehicle.
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Pictures don’t lie? US envoy accepts fake photo with Jerusalem mosque replaced by Jewish temple (Jewish chutzpah out of control)

Tensions surrounding Jerusalem just got worse, thanks to a bit of make believe and Photoshop. The US ambassador was thrust into controversy after accepting a picture of the city which replaced a mosque with a third Jewish temple.
US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman was all smiles as he accepted the aerial photo of Jerusalem during a tour of the city of Bnei Brak held by the ultra-Orthodox Achiya organization, which aids children suffering from learning disabilities.
While a gift to a US ambassador by an Israeli organization isn't exactly breaking news considering the Jewish State's extreme delight at Washington's decision to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem, this one particular gift was more than a bit absurd, because it isn't at all factual.
The photo shows the iconic Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock replaced with the Third Temple, which has been long sought after by Jews. The image of Friedman was first published on the ultra-Orthodox news website Kikar Hashabat.
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Rush Limbaugh Bombshell: DNC Hack ‘Had To Be An Inside Job’

The Russia probe is premised on the claim that the Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee’s server during the 2016 election.
But we have never seen any evidence of it because the server was likely deliberately breached by a DNC staffer and never hacked, warns Rush Limbaugh.
“We still don’t know the data that was hacked from the DNC. They haven’t even told us that. They’ve just told us the Russians did it and that CrowdStrike proved it and that’s it. They’ve shown no evidence,” Limbaugh argued. “I’m gonna tell you who I think did hack the Democrat server. In fact, I think we already know. People have just forgotten. It was Democrat National Committee employees. People hired by Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz. It was the Pakistanis, folks. The Pakistanis hacked the Democrat National Committee servers.”
The establishment media has strategically ignored the months-long House IT scandal rocking congressional Democrats. This is even after the FBI’s investigation into the matter became public and Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s top IT aide Imran Awan was arrested trying to flee to Pakistan after wiring almost $300,000 to the country, Limbaugh pointed out.
“If you Google the Awan brothers from Pakistan, you won’t find many stories. It’s being totally ignored. But there were three brothers from Pakistan, and they were hot to trot computer specialists. They were IT stars. Debbie ‘Blabbermouth’ Schultz hired them and put them on the payroll,” he continued. “The story has been completely and totally covered up. It was very embarrassing to the DNC when it happened, and so the Drive-Bys have ignored the story.”
The Awan family are likely the culprits behind the DNC data breach, Limbaugh argued.
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Review of Thomas Goodrich’s “Summer, 1945—Germany, Japan and the Harvest of Hate” by Thor Magnusson (Krauts and Japs got it up the ass too)

Sometimes a book comes along that changes the way we think.  Sometimes a book comes along that changes the way we act.  Sometimes a book comes along  that changes the way we think and the way we act. Such a book was Hellstorm—The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944–1947. That masterpiece by Thomas Goodrich changed forever not only how we would view World War Two, but it changed how we would view the world itself. For the first time since it happened, because of one bold and breath-taking book, the scales fell from our eyes and we were finally able to see free and unfettered what the abomination called World War Two was really all about. Swept forever into a dark, dirty corner was the filth and disease of seventy years of Jewish propaganda, seventy years of Jewish lies about the so-called “Good War” and the so-called “Greatest Generation,” seventy years of Jewish mendacity about who was bad and who was good. Suddenly, overnight, replacing those lies was an honest, impartial, unbiased, but driving, relentless, and utterly merciless account of the fate that befell Germany in 1945.
As incredible as Hellstorm was, is, and will always remain, we now know it was only half the story. While the bloody obscenity that was World War Two was being acted out against a largely helpless German population by as evil a cast of creatures as ever haunted any hell anywhere, a similar horror show was taking place on the far side of the globe. And what is revealed in Tom Goodrich’s latest book, Summer, 1945—Germany, Japan and the Harvest of Hate, is a story so savage and sadistic as to numb the senses.
While some of the events described in Summer, 1945 will be familiar to readers of Hellstorm, many will not. Clearly, the author did a vast amount of new research for this new book since much material is previously unknown, especially regarding the contributions of the “Greatest Generation” to its already ghastly list of war crimes against Germany.   In fact, what was previously revealed about the Americans in Hellstorm, horrific as it was at the time, was only the faintest foretaste of what was to come in Summer, 1945.  For example. . . .
Massive, monstrous, staggering as was the scale of Red Army rape in Germany, it now seems clear that the Americans were not far behind, if behind they were at all.  Simply put: No one in control cared.  Far from trying to halt the nonstop sexual attacks that their men committed against helpless German females, US officers, like Soviet officers, either ignored them, laughed at them, or actively encouraged them. Upon entering their communities, American officers forced Germans to write the age and sex of all occupants in their homes, then ordered the lists nailed to doors. “The results are not difficult to imagine,” said one horrified priest from a village where women and children were soon staggering to the local hospital after the predictable  sexual assaults commenced.  Some US generals even blamed the victims themselves for their own gang rape when they dared leave their homes to beg for food.  Lt. General Edwin Clarke  went  further when he announced that the thousands of rape reports in his area were nothing more than a conspiracy by die-hard Nazis to belittle and embarrass his well-behaved and totally innocent troops. Clarke apparently believed  that the hundreds of thousands of beaten, bruised and bleeding women and children were all liars with self-inflicted sex wounds.  Also, to drive home German defeat, it was noted that GIs were being ordered by their “political officers” to make the gang rapes as public as possible.  Although such brutal attacks were already common on streets and sidewalks, in schools and shops, an audience of family members was the preferred crowd for gang rape.  Forcing German men to watch was also favored by the Americans, just as it was by their communist comrades.
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Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Urges Congress to Oppose Authorization for War Agains...

Meet the New Conquistadors: Silicon Valley Moguls. As we're vanquished by the profiteers of data gold, we can only marvel at their audacity. By JAMES P. PINKERTON

Two interesting items about the use and abuse of big data appeared on the same day, May 16. And while on the surface they were completely disconnected, underneath, well, they seem anything but.
First, the use: an article in CFO magazine described big data in almost physical terms. In the words of Henna A. Karna, chief data officer for the XL Group, data is a “feedstock.” As she put it, “Data, in the right hands, is often as valuable as land, buildings, and equipment.” Most evocatively, she referred to using data as “mining the gold.”
Second, the abuse: in testimony on Capitol Hill, Christopher Wylie, the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, described how data could be weaponized. As Wylie told lawmakers, “In the wrong hands, it becomes a weapon.” He zeroed in on Facebook and Twitter, declaring that they “are not just social networking sites. They’re opportunities for information warfare.”
At first blush, there’s no obvious linkage between a data maven extolling the “golden” potential of big data in the right hands, and a data critic warning against its “warfare” potential in the wrong hands.
Yet we see that both points can be true. That is, data can be a weapon while also being gold. We’ve known for the last few decades about the wealth gained by cyber-tycoons, and we’ve learned over the last couple of years about the danger from cyber-warriors—hacking, for example, U.S. politics at the highest level.
Thus we see the two key words: “warfare” and “gold.” And if we think of them together, it’s hard not to think of, yes, the Spanish conquistadors of ages past. When it comes to war-for-gold, nobody did it better.
Interestingly, the 500th anniversary of Spain’s conquest of the gold-filled Aztec realm is coming soon: on April 21, 1519, Hernán Cortés made his fateful landing in Mexico. The Spanish had been in the New World since 1492, to be sure, and yet in their first decades, they hadn’t found much of value on the Caribbean islands. Still, they knew that there was gold nearby; the Carib peoples, innocent to gold’s perceived value to Westerners, had been observed using the yellow metal to weigh down fishing nets—until, of course, the Spanish took it away from them.

Minnesota Somalis defraud taxpayers $100M; sent to terrorists (Somalis in the US act like pirtates and leeches. Surprise, Surprise.)

KMSP Fox9 in Minneapolis, Minnesota has undertaken something the national MSM no longer seem to do — bold, investigative journalism.
For five months, Fox9 investigated rampant welfare fraud by the Somali “refugee” and immigrant community in Minnesota, which cost the state’s taxpayers a whopping $100 million a year. Even worse, the $millions defrauded were then wired to Muslim terrorists in Somali.
Through the Refugee Act of 1980, sponsored by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D) and former Sen. Joe Biden (D), the federal government has been aggressively “resettling” refugees from the east African country of Somalia into the United States, especially Minnesota. As of 2017, the state has an estimated 57,000 Somalis, the largest population of Somalis outside of East Africa.

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Richard Spencer and the George Bailey Rule — Why Clarence’s Law matters in Politics — Why No One is saying "I am Spencertacus"

If anything seemed certain at the time, Jesus got whupped real bad. He was captured, tried, whipped, stripped, crucified, and humiliated. It’s hard to imagine a worse whupping. The Romans didn’t take Him seriously. He was just another Jew who had to be executed. Most Jews rejoiced as they regarded Him as a heretic and blasphemer. And peoples of various other tribes who assembled to watch the punishment and death of Jesus may have found entertainment value in the spectacle. After all, Romans had crucified scores of people. So, the death of Jesus should have been just one more among the countless, and that would have been that. 
But what made a difference? The fact is Jesus inspired such love, devotion, respect, and reverence among His Disciples and followers that even after they scattered, denied, and/or renounced Him, they were overcome with guilt that slowly hardened into a resolve to serve His spirit. And that small but steady fire would gradually spread and even convert & conquer the souls of Romans. Many of Jesus’ followers suffered and even died in their service to the spirit, but they were willing to do so because of their deep love and respect for Jesus. Without such devotion on their part, Christianity wouldn’t have had a chance. 

We see something similar in two films, IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE and SPARTACUS. What George Bailey realizes at the end is that all his good deeds and good works made him a beloved figure in the community. Sure, he had to sacrifice his personal ambition, and there were rough roads along the way, but the things he did for the community were remembered by the people of Bedford Falls. Furthermore, people respected him for his intelligence, conscientiousness, and self-sacrifices. In the end, even the capitalist enterpriser Sam Wainright sends him money in time of need. So, when Harry Bailey toasts his older brother as ‘the richest man in town’, it’s not about money. It’s about respect, gratitude, and trust. It is what Mr. Potter will never have despite his immense riches. Even though Bailey had been ground down by daily routine, the fact is every good thing he did earned him respect among members of the community. In the end, he reaps what he’d sown... in the positive sense. 
In the case of Spartacus, his rebellion fails. The slaves are killed or enslaved once again. Or they are captured and crucified. The captured men are promised mercy IF they name Spartacus, but none of them does. They respect and admire him so much that they’d rather die with him than spill the beans to the Romans. Spartacus earned such respect because he’d proven by words and deeds that he was for all of them, for freedom and dignity. 

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The Gospel According to Goldberg by Margot Metroland (Zionist Goldberg wants nationalism only for Zionists)

Jonah Goldberg
Suicide of the West: How the Rebirth of Tribalism, Populism, Nationalism, and Identity Politics is Destroying American Democracy
New York: Crown Forum, 2018
Anyone expecting Jonah Goldberg’s Suicide of the Westto be a new meditation on James Burnham’s 1964 classic[1] about the moral degeneracy of liberal democracy is in for a laugh. Having borrowed Burnham’s tasty title, Goldberg goes off in another direction entirely, often inverting Burnham’s argument.
James Burnham thought the ideology of materialism and moral permissiveness was destroying the West’s ability to defend itself and survive. (He was thinking in Cold War terms, but his basic thesis is still applicable today.) Jonah Goldberg thinks egalitarian ideas and amoral acquisitiveness are just swell, and we need to appreciate them more.
“Don’t put the miracle of liberal-democratic capitalism at risk,” Goldberg summarized his thesis in National Review.[2] For Burnham, the spurious, unworkable ideas of “liberal-democratic capitalism” were precisely the problem.
Goldberg also tempts the reader with an intriguing subtitle, How the Rebirth of Tribalism, Populism, Nationalism, and Identity Politics is Destroying American Democracy – but never really illustrates this point. The casual book-browser is invited to think Goldberg is going to say something about the New Right, the Alt Right, or maybe White Nationalism. But Goldberg’s theorizing about the origins of identitarianism is just so much tendentious fluff.
Here’s his explanation of the new “tribalism”: it’s all because social media, online porn, and videogames aren’t fulfilling enough.
The young Muslim men who left Europe and America to go fight for ISIS had every form of entertainment and distraction available to them, but they find it unsatisfying. The same goes for the alienated and numb cadres who swell the ranks of neo-Nazis, antifa, and countless other groups. They crave meaning that our leading institutions no longer feel compelled to provide, or are even capable of providing, at least for those who need it most.
Of course he avoids the question of what these radicalized “young Muslim men” were doing in Europe and America in the first place, and how they came to be there, or why they react as they do. Surely, being transplanted to an alien culture must be disturbing enough. It is an actual, objective situation. There is no need to spin theories about why their lives might be “unsatisfying.” And as for Goldberg’s “neo-Nazis” and “antifa” (presumably he means Western identitarians and their opponents, most of whom do not wear those titles), surely they too have some real-life concerns beyond being bored with videogames.
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Why overeducated women and undereducated men typically means marital doom by Suzanne Venker

Serious confused woman holding papers, discussing documents with man

A question posed last week at Times Higher Education, a data company that analyzes university trends and reported on recent government statistics that show the gender gap on college campuses has widened, asks, "Should we be worried that women outnumber men on college campus?"
And the answer is yes, we should.
There is, of course, more than one reason why it matters that women are outpacing men in education and, as a byproduct, in the marketplace. But I'm concerned with one in particular: how this new reality affects marriage.
It may be no longer be fashionable to admit that women need men on whom they can depend, but this remains a biological imperative. Women tend to marry across and up the dominance hierarchy, and for good reason: pregnancy, childbirth, and the immeasurable needs of children put women, and children, in a vulnerable position. That women have entered the marketplace in spades doesn't make this any less true.
We know from the research that most women choose to leave the workforce when they have children, either temporarily or permanently (hence, the reason for feminist angst about America's 'gender gap'), which means they will need a man on whom they can rely. If the man they marry is unable to carry the financial load, conflict is never far behind.
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The fantasy of Russia’s dirty money
Blaming Russia for everything has become the elite’s go-to conspiracy theory.

Seeing Russia as the source of the world’s ills really has become the all-too-acceptable, go-to conspiracy theory for Britain’s political establishment. How else to explain the announcement earlier this month that British diplomats plan to use the G7, the G20, NATO and the EU summits this year to try to deepen the alliance against Russia? And, more pertinently, how else to explain the appearance this week of Moscow’s Gold: Russian Corruption in the UK, a foreign affairs select committee report, which asserts that the ill-gotten gains of Putin and the Kleptocrats, to use their band name, are laundered through the UK’s financial markets, and then used to, and I quote, ‘subvert the international rules-based system, undermine our allies, and erode the mutually reinforcing international networks that support UK foreign policy’.
The subsequent headlines and uncritical reporting have regurgitated the report’s main contention: that Russia’s ‘dirty money’ is running through the veins of the UK economy, and is then being used, presumably by shadowy agents and tweetbots alongside (that awful phrase) ‘useful idiots’, ‘to erode faith in our institutions’. Got that? Popular disillusionment with party politics, scepticism towards public authorities, indeed Brexit itself: all this can be traced, at some deep, speculative level, to the malign influence of Moscow, with Putin, backed by his gang of oligarchs, pulling the strings.
Hence the unquestioned but historically dark undertones of the phrase ‘dirty money’, which is now itself being laundered through its chattered repetition in the UK media. It is a phrase that doesn’t just play on the legal sense of ‘proceeds of crime’; it also implies a moral taint, a poison in the well of global finance, that has bled into Western society in money form. And in doing so, it implies that there is something corrupt, something almost evil, about the provenance of the money, namely Russia and Russians. Hence Russian oligarchs, as opposed to all the other oligarchs out there harmlessly pottering about, are simply assumed to be morally tainted, and possessed of some nebulous plan for world control, some unstated protocols of Moscow. Hence the prefix ‘Russian’, when describing politically powerful businessmen, has become a synonym for sinister, immoral, corrupt. Other oligarchs, George Soros for instance, can donate hundreds of thousands of pounds explicitly to subvert the democratic will of the British electorate, and few bat their eyelids. Yet if a Russian oligarch invests in a property scheme in London, or buys a football club, then they must implicitly be up to no good.
What else is any of this but conspiracy theory, with Russia posited as the power behind the dethronement of the UK’s, and indeed the West’s, political elite, whose own power has lingered long in ‘institutions’ and ‘rules-based systems’ now seemingly under attack? And like much conspiracy theory, the speculative will to see the evil agency at work seems to win out over any sense of reality, perspective or objective analysis. So Moscow’s Gold features a lot of punditry and speculation supporting the thesis that Russia is pursuing some form of moral, political corruption through cash, but little in the way of actual proof.
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Corsi Explains How to Kill Deep State, Save Trump

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Michael Novak’s ‘Rise of the Unmeltable Ethnics’ in the Trump Era by JESSE RUSSELL

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Trump shares quote ripping Brennan: “This guy is the genesis of this whole debacle”

President Trump on Monday shared a quote from a former Secret Service agent and conservative commentator, Dan Bongino, who slammed former CIA Director John Brennan

Fox's Bartiromo: DOJ, FBI, IRS, CIA 'were all involved in trying to take down Donald Trump'
Trump shares quote ripping Brennan: 'This guy is the genesis of this whole debacle'
Voters Dems need aren't impressed by anti-waterboarding showboating

“'John Brennan is panicking. He has disgraced himself, he has disgraced the Country, he has disgraced the entire Intelligence Community. He is the one man who is largely responsible for the destruction of American’s faith in the Intelligence Community and in some people at the top of the FBI,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

“'Brennan started this entire debacle about President Trump. We now know that Brennan had detailed knowledge of the (phony) Dossier...he knows about the Dossier, he denies knowledge of the Dossier, he briefs the Gang of 8 on the Hill about the Dossier, which they then used to start an investigation about Trump,” the president added.

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Among the Persians. Iranians want to be friends with Americans but Israel hates the idea. PHILIP GIRALDI

Iran Philip 2
I have just spent a week in Mashad and Tehran Iran, speaking at an international conference on the future of Jerusalem as well as other related issues while also meeting with a broad range of Iranians, including journalists, students and government officials. The conference was organized by a non-government organization called New Horizon. It was the sixth such conference, intended to bring together speakers from a number of countries to discuss issues involving Middle Eastern security and identity issues.
To be sure, Iran, threatened as it is from all sides, has certain aspects of a security state. And as what is essentially a partial democracy run along religious lines, it has very clear limits on what constitutes acceptable behavior. But I think the representatives of the thirty or so countries who attended the congress would agree that there was no attempt made to limit free speech or guide discussions. The only attempt to censor the conference and its content has been, I would note, the blocking of sponsor New Horizon’s website on Google and presumably elsewhere in the Zionist/U.S. dominated social media and information-searching world. Indeed, the only coordinated activity that might have been noted at the conference itself was the loud hissing noise that accompanied any mention of the name John Bolton.
Indeed, there was clear criticism of the nature of the Iranian government openly expressed at the conference as well as very heated exchanges on a number of issues surrounding Jewish identity, Israel, the Palestinians, the status of Jerusalem and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Agreement (JCPOA) on the Iranian nuclear program. Privately, many Iranians we encountered were quite free in expressing their dislike of the religious leadership and their desire for dramatic change. It should be noted that such comments were not provoked by anything that any of us said. We were indeed being careful not to offend the host country or to get the organizers in trouble, perhaps more cautious than we had to be.
One might also mention that the timing of the conference and associated activities was particularly appropriate as it came on the heels of the President Donald Trump’s abandonment of the JCPOA and the slaughter of Palestinian protesters by the Israeli Army in Gaza. We watched in amazement on live television coverage as the snipers shot dead 58 unarmed Arabs and wounded two thousand more. A baby that was in an area far outside of the area where the shooting was taking place died after being suffocated by the clouds of teargas being used by the Israelis. It was ghastly and it was disgusting. Predictably the Israeli shills in both the U.S. and from Israel itself made the victim the guilty party, arguing that the child should never have been so close to the “fighting” there in Gaza in the first place.
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